Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I see you in every crooked face
In every single snapshot of sunken cheeks and heavy breath
In naked skulls and skinny fingers
I see you with my breath in winter mornings
Or even spring when it's too cold
I see you in the mirror, in the shape of my face
In every cigarette  puff, descending with the smoke
In the ceiling, when my body is too fucked to move
In absence, when loneliness becomes concrete
I see you in rain and wind and snow
But with sun you go away
Because you cannot be as mad under the sun and your skin evaporates
You're a forming cloud on summer days
Moisture that has not yet taken form
Gentle wind and nothing more
But I see you
In faces not yet formed
Crooked, simple, skinny, skinny, skinny
I see you and I gaze
Because touching you
Made my fingers turn to

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